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Tiny Tatts

Please see below for a selection of predrawn tiny tattoos 

2”-3” in size

available @ flat rates with deals ​on multiples! 

Great lil gap fillers!


1 for $165 

2 for $200 

3 for $275

4 for $350

5 for $400

6 for $475


o Tax is not included

o NO splitting, pricing is per individual person 

o Must all be done in one appointment 

o Simple pallet changes can be requested, 

pls NO changes to design

o Designs available lined/shaded/full colour 

 *some exceptions apply

Arm/Leg placement only                                

*flat rate subject to change 

on other placements & size increases

o Minimum $100 deposit required to book, 

which goes towards your tattoo 

To book some Tiny Tatts please use the BOOK MEOW button below 


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